Original title: “Trichromatic ” peak hill — Li water distr南京哪买按摩器足浴盆ict is painted dorp revives colorful picture scroll last double cease day, the Li Hangying of village of stone stockaded village of the foot of a mountain of hill of peak of of town of white horse of Li water district comes to a batch another batch of guests. This natural village ever was the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan ground of place of department of 16 force troops, pass repair two this years, “Gules element ” let here enliven exuberant spark. peak hill is arteries and veins of Mao Shan beyond, altitude 230 meters, it is Nanjing Li water and the watershed with Changzhou in relief L南京中心大酒店团购i. White horse of Li water district presses down stockaded village of Bai Ma, Cao Jiaqiao, stone to the villager of 3 administrative village depends on hill and be resided, but 2016, be set to be whole town key to help deficient up however here piece area. Through 3 years of assault fortified positions, peak hill wraps around again ” green garment ” , gules travel, La Mei is cultivated, green grows to be handed in here collect, painted piece ” red, blue, green ” colorful lively picture scroll. 80 years ago, peak hill is Suna the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan fights day of bushfighting advocate position, after 80 years, dorp becomes to revive again here advocate battlefield. Hill of gules peak: Dig gules capital greatly, village day all guest hundreds person from car of Nanjing suburb drive a hour, can arrive at white Ma Zhen, a broad highway arrives directly at peak hill, the villager is below the foot of a hill people already false contain 3 administrative village of hundreds years — white Ma Cun, Cao Jiaqiao village and village of stone stockaded village. National Day night before last, party branch of office of ceremony guest information comes to office of Jiangsu province external affairs to village of stone stockaded village lubricious education base spreads out Li Hanggong ” do not forget first heart, mission bearing in mind ” thematic education. Gold is tuitional member Zhang Min is getting flagging of Great Master edge to walk into the village, the edge takes a side tuitional had pro南京男技师精油按摩上门理疗duced the reactionary story that be here. 1938, cong Wanna of the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan holds out the water that enter Li, struggle to fight day with 南京汇悦酒店是几星 peak hill advocate position. The New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan 16 brigade and university of the stratocracy that fight day 4 groups of the 9th minute of school in all 5000 more than person with respect to hill of peak of quarter at piece area, be with, have here ” Su Na small Yan’an ” praise. In those days, after the general of the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan such as Chen Yi, Jiang Weiqing, Zhong Guochu comes to Li water, live in Li Hangzi like that in the villager home of the village, issue deep friendship with villager knot, transmitted a story pasted on with approval that a paragraph of Duan 南京哪里有肠道水疗养生会所Jun civilian is close as fish and water. Listen tuitional, a young Party member sighs with emotion: In the hair virgin soil of the story, see story and reality contrast, have more infect force. In Li Hangzi like that village, nearly every day rare attend in a advanced studies will look around before 100 Party members that come from complete province each district, enthusiastic and extraordinary. Villager easy of 83 years old is illuminated this year start an old person most the look that be fond of sees the village is enthusiastic, as the villager tuitional member, he often is invited to negotiate the change of the village. “Before here very poor, the Great Master goes outside, which somebody comes? Had had a doggerel: Onrush will wide, onrush works too. The meaning is to say domain store not water, villager cultivate land cannot handle dress warmly and ear one’s fill, should go up only hill hits bavin to change food. Arrive winter, hill is bald, grass is withered, be without spark. ” before the old person南京 夜场女装连衣裙夏装 speaks of to farmland, sighed. 2016, village of stone stockaded village is included econom南京缘曼国际会所养生酒首选y not to get rich village, take off deficient mission extremely urgent. “Xi Jinping’s secretary-general has put forward, should have operated gules capital, had developed gules tradition, good gules gene inheritance, let acting according to legend of gules gene generation. This points to be clear deflection to us. ” Zhou Jianmin of secretary of general Party branch of village of stone stockaded village says, 2017 first, the village is started ” red plum alley ” prop up, not only compasses answer the former residence of general of 6 the New Fourth Army led by the Chinese Communist Party during the War of Resistance Against Japan such as Chen Yi, Jiang Weiqing, Zhong Guochu, Mei Zhang, still made two gules block, after original civilian house classics is decorated, became civilian constellation, tea, inn of reading room, vintage have one’s head shaved. This year on October 3, “Red plum alley ” open a village formally, before approving another batch of passengers, be looked for. Stop now, li Hangyi welcomes a guest 80 much person-time, li Hangye with one action becomes dorp of first provincial characteristic birthplace pilot village. Flourishing guest discharge is brought giant become rich good luck, a few difficulty door be in order to take off deficient. Child of villager plum general suffers serious injury to cause damage because of traffic accident head, be placed to be in the village does Bao Jie to work, year defray 30 thousand multivariate, take off deficient successfully. Like still 4 difficult families resemble home of Li Pu child, domestic member realizes de南京颈椎按摩哪里好ficient in door mouth unemployment. According to be being allowed first, “Red plum alley ” since operation opening a village, drive unemployment of nea南京依水间洗浴团购rly 100 people secondhand, for Li Hangquan village 263 villager door all are added receive 13 thousand yuan, a lot of originally outer working youth returns countryside unemployment to do poineering work. Now, “Red plum alley ” already became Party school of provincial Party committee to groom base, 2 period the young inn that prop up is cast soon with, at the appointed time, li Hangke welcomes 400 people group at the same time groom and stay. Hill of blue peak: Grow ” b南京夜场招聘公主lue ” industry, “Barren mountains and unruly rivers ” the ties goes ” Jin Guo fruit ” the upland battle array of peak hill is improper kind of food, but such geographical condition, apropos and appropriate ” two berry ” develop. “Two berry ” it is La Mei and blackberry. Go up century 80 days, the young plant of the first batch of blue berry that introduces from the United States is cultivated to be in many places, should plant only in village of stone stockaded village survived. Village of stone stockaded village becomes our country to cultivate La Mei’s place the earliest. peak hill issues Chen Yi of lackey of garden of berry of blue rural area to tell a reporter together, the demit he is 10 years ago drops the job in the city to plant when La Mei, here still is a barren mountain, as long as thickly dotted a few seam li of sapling that grows from stone. Through 10 years careful is cultivated, la Mei enters bumper harvest period, every jins of La Mei can sell 80 yuan of above, mu all accrual exceeds 20 thousand yuan. Nothing more than, what cultivate the earliest in Li water large area is blackberry. Villager of stone stockaded village rebukes De Yong is recollected, 90 days have the century on, he cultivates blackberry at first, principal sell toward Euramerican and other places, monovalent and highest amount to 4 yuan many, mu all accrual is close 10 thousand yuan. But, crisis of a trade made blackberry serious and slow-moving 2006, unit price falls 0.4 yuan still sell do not come in, principal of a lot of kinds of establish door is not had return. After blackberry be on the wane, la Mei cultivates area step up. Local government is place of courtyard of scientific research of assemble of garden of science and technology of agriculture of white horse country repeatedly is windward, spread out La Mei to cultivate a technology to groom regularly, take seriously plant from the seedling cultivate the innovation that waits for link to treatment again, industry of stimulative La Mei is nimble and protuberant. Blue berry of village of stone stockaded village is obtained criticize the throughout the country ” one village is tasted ” , blackberry is maintained to be national geography mark farming child. To grow better ” two berry ” industry, village of stone stockaded village is built ” two berry ” Party branch, formed ” branch + base + enterprise + farmer ” cooperative form, la Mei cultivates the village of Home Cao bridge in periphery and white Ma Cun to al南京油联快捷酒店洗浴中心so be carried out come. Stop now, piece the La Mei inside the area cultivates an area to amount to more than mus 8000, limits of 100 mus of above cultivates La Mei’s enterprise to have 20. Cultivate went up limits, local government in season is carried leave exhibit ” two berry ” add industry and manage a miracle. Bright company is place in Nanjing build earlier ” two berry ” process a business, dealt with at first 2008 La Mei and blackberry treatment, the child such as fruit of blue berry quick-freeze and fruit juice, conserve, capsule, Gan Gong in all rare 10 kinds. After deep treatment becomes blue berry food, sell each district of past whole nation, additional cost can promote La Mei 5, 10 times. In addition, the part of Li water blue berry that holds at first from 2013, enlarged blue berry force, drove recreational travel. According to comprehending, the price of picked La Mei is in the passenger 40, 60 yuan, be trade price 3, 4 times. Period of holiday of blue this year berry, have even more every day equably 1000 passengers come round to pluck, additional cost of La Mei promotes greatly. Of blue berry industry powerful, attracted a youth to answer book to do poineering work. The home left to dress up in Li this world after wind up one’s studies of university of son Xiong Kai inn, a website was built to help father sell La Mei when betweenwhiles, letting what he did not think of is, the website is firm go up line two days, nonlocal fruit jobber finds him to buy La Mei through the website. ” brushstroke earned 10 thousand multivariate, it is to dress up inn the defray of several months. ” Xiong Kai says, he was put out adroitly dress up inn, answer book to do poineering work. With appearance of branch of confused of older generation farmer, youth more know innovation. Xiong Kai and Zhejiang university cooperate, use group of technologies that earth up a seedling, bred a variety of La Mei new breed, very suffer the market to recieve, its mu all accrual is 10 times what La Mei cultivates. “Had deep treatment company and recreational travel to pluck, can progress already La Mei is add value, can ensure La Mei to cultivate again door accrual. ” horse of the parts in Beijing opera spoken in Beijing dialect austral Jiangsu is contemporary Zhang Qinxiang of director of growing bureau of agriculture of area of garden of industry of new and high technology says agriculture, guest year old, “Two berry ” the industry drives local villager average per capita to add close span 9000 yuan. 2017 year end, pick off of go well of village of stone stockaded village ” poor cap ” . Guest year old year end, whole village all low pay are difficult door also total number takes off deficient. Hill of green peak: Green hill of compasses answer green water, the villager changes a way ” have mountain ” history of peak hill is long, go up century 70 days, archaeology employee thes foot of a hill or mountain in north of peak hill vertebrate fossil and human fossil discover in hole of karst of a lime, activity of Su Na’s mankind when before pushing 10 thousand years. Came 100000, local setting has mountain. Villager You Xiangxin of 56 years old says village of Home Cao bridge, because the country cooks,make a fire need Chai He, the autumn arrives, the hill on every family chops bavin, arrived winter, the lofty mountains leave uncovered after be being chopped to cut reveals an edaphic path of a gray. Go up century 70 days, local is built on hill had lime plant, beneficial result is right, later, town government returns investment to be in all around built cement plant. “Cement plant ever was the important economy pillar of whole town for a time, treated the subject that whole town person has a meal. ” Zhang Qinxiang is allowed first, height from time to tome 4 quarry at the same time around quarry of peak hill, yang Chen flies all over the sky, hill body looks a dusky. The village of white horse village that lives in peak foot of a hill to fall appoint Zhou Aiping of conference vice director is recollected, go out in those days with respect to an ash, air choke nose dazzling. As the economy of Li water county is pressed down greatly in those days, GDP of white Ma Zhen lasts old a front of row entire county. Very fast, peak hi南京名人酒店桑拿 会所招聘ll is dug to get 1000 wound 100 aperture, and the villager below hill 南京 周围酒店still struggles on poor line however. Some closer year come, party center advocates green to be able to continue grow, local government is comprehensive fulfil ” green water green hill is golden hill silver-colored hill ” concept, close in succession stop quarry and lime factory, cement plant, invest many yuan 3800 to stop punish answer to hill body green. “Punish expenditure spans far quarry and cement plant, lime factory these year gross income. ” Zhang Q南京桑拿房维修inxiang says. The peak hill of green hill of compasses answer green water enlivens force of yield results in work, greet new youthful spirit very quickly. In October 2018, li water district is awarded by province government the card becomes first ” healthy Jian南京紫金山庄酒店gsu ” area of academic tree model, a batch of healthy industries are fast assemble, among them, activity of limit of national ice and snow practices base project falling at peak hill with respect to optional location. This project always is occupied about 600 mus are accumulated in sky, the slot of veneer U form that includes specification of the indoor and professional ski run with the biggest whole world, Olympic Games, limit involves the many function area such as cliff. After two years, the peak hill that personal details extracts will change ground of target of travel of body limit activity. In addition, high new developed area of white horse agriculture plans to make garden of prospective food industry in white Ma Cun. “Regard Bai Ma as village of market town place, white Ma Cun already completed industrial transition. ” Zhou Aiping says. It is the white Ma Cun that has area of garden of industry of ski field project and food at the same time, it is the village of stone stockaded village that red teachs base and La Mei to cultivate at the same time, be located in both the Cao Jiaqiao village between go up as inserting ” both wings ” , flying. Yang Xiaobing of secretary of Party branch of village of Home Cao bridge says, since this year, already many projects autograph makes an appointment with settle, the agricultural project Bai Matao that includes billionaire to answer book to make spends a source. This project has garden of many mus of 600 peach, and Jiangsu saves investment of farming division courtyard to prop up ” two berry ” standardization cultivates the garden that establish a standard to wait. “Had an industry, the villager not only the domain rent that had stability, OK still on the spot is unemployed. ” it is reported, a lot of villagers already planned civilian constellation and peasant family at first happy. From ” barren mountains and unruly rivers ” arrive ” golden hill silver-colored hill ” , of the heart at the beginning of red primitive and pulsatile the new growing supply of hill of the peak that it is faint energy source. Now, end of village of head of base of the field edge of a field of reactionary old quarter, property, village, show scene beautiful support of the people, course of study to promote civilian rich new era Fu Chunshan resides a graph. A few days ago, white Ma Zhenzheng is clutching prop up save agriculture of first state level to establish modular garden division completely — industry of new and high technology cultivates Nanjing agriculture modular area. peak country manages division of focus of the area that establish a standard, future, here will be opened doubly, provide energy more, become the city of international agriculture science and technology that leads the whole nation.


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